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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash extensions

01  Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Many are concerned that their natural lashes will not grow after having eyelash extensions. However, this is totally untrue. Our natural lash growth cycle is between 6~8 weeks, which the natural lashes will shed and new ones will regrow again.

With the correct technique that the experienced lash artist applies, the eyelash extensions do not affect the natural lash growth cycle.

02  Will the eyelash extensions cause any discomfort?

Absolutely not. We are using single strands technique which the extensions are carefully attached to an individual natural lash without sticking to each other.

03  Is it normal for my natural lash to fall together with the extension?

Yes it is perfectly normal. When the natural lash is up for maturity, it will fall out so that the new natural lash can regrow. Hence, the extension attached to it will fall out together.

04  My lashes seem abit messy after a few weeks. Why is that so?

As the extensions are attached on the natural lashes, they will grow together with the natural lashes and it will appear that they became longer and messier. Hence, we advise customers to do a touchup within 3 weeks to maintain and prolong the lashes to last longer.

We also recommend customers to apply a top coat which is able to style the lashes in place.

05  Is it fine for me to do eyelash extensions continuously?

Yes it is perfectly fine as the lashes used are light weight which does not put much pressure on the natural lashes. Customers can apply lash serum to maintain the natural lashes to be healthy and strong.

Eyebrows embroidery

01  Will the embroidery change colour overtime?

Unlike the old technique (tattoo brows), the eyebrows will not change colour overtime. Semi-permanent eyebrows will last between 1-2 years and gradually fade to a lighter shade.

02  What kind of pigments are used?

We only use top notch pigments that are made in Germany and Korea.

03  Will the eyebrows look very dark after the procedure?

The eyebrows will only look 30% darker for the first one week and it will heal to a softer natural brows.

04  Can I still exercise right after the procedure?

You have to avoid vigorous exercises for one week such that your skin can heal properly. Excess sweating will also affect the retention of colour.

05  Is the procedure painful?

It is not painful as we will numb the brows area before proceeding to start the procedure. Moreover, we will only be working on the first two layers of the skin.

06  Will there be any swelling?

Absolutely not. There will be mild or almost no redness after the procedure as we only implant the pigment using fine needle blade on the surface of the skin.

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